Be Our Guest (Blog Post #1)

“If you want to distinguish yourself as being the best and being the favorite business within your category, the only thing left is the hospitality experience.” – Danny Meyer

As a senior in high school, I’m sure you spend a lot of your time thinking about the future- what you’re going to study in college and what you’re going to do after college. Well, I’d like to be the first to welcome you to the world of hospitality! Maybe you’re born with it, or maybe it’s years of school and thousands of dollars. Hospitality is an academic major that many students across the United States choose to study, and this entire blog series is dedicated to showing you why.  Before I get into the real impacts of this industry, I wanted to give you a brief look at the plethora of opportunities and outlets you have to learn about the field of hospitality. (The first being this blog). Below I have collected a list of five schools across the U.S. that you may recognize, or even that you may have applied to, that offer hospitality programs:

  1. Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration
  2. Virginia Tech, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  3. Pennsylvania State University, School of Hospitality Management
  4. New York University, Jonathan M. Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism
  5. University of Massachusetts, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management

(“The 30 Best Hospitality Programs in the United States”)

Each and every one of these programs lists highlights such as specified classwork, career fairs, networking events, on-campus recruiting, guest speakers, paid work experience, internship opportunities, community service, study abroad, and more. Although it may seem far away, the access to these resources will become especially useful towards the latter half of your college career when you begin to search for internships and even full-time positions.

At my very own school, the University of Maryland, I am a student in our Hospitality Business Fellows Program. In the past year of me being in the program, I have had the opportunity to network with more than 20 professionals from Marriott, Hilton, and CHOICE Hotels. We even had the opportunity to meet with the CEO of Marriott, Arne Sorenson. I have also gone on multiple site visits to these organizations’ headquarters and hospitality management companies. The program also includes relevant coursework. Our curriculum covers topics on big data and technology’s role in the industry, the financial management side, and other necessary terms and facts about the hospitality (“Hospitality Business Fellows”).

The desire to learn about hospitality does not stop at the university level. Danny Meyer, owner and founder of Union Square Hospitality Group, consults business managers on how to succeed in the hospitality industry (specifically restaurants) and preaches that “a warm, personal touch can be more persuasive in winning repeat customers than the product or service itself.” His lessons come at no slim price. The education programs costs $425 for a four-hour session and $1,500 for a two-day immersion (Cardwell, New York Times).

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.15.54 PM
Photo credit:  New York Times

As you can see, there is much more to learning hospitality than meets the eye. It is a highly desired field, and those that understand it well enjoy success as a result. Take advantage of the opportunities you are already paying for – spend your tuition money the right way. By studying hospitality, you are studying the keys to success.

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