Make Hospitality Your Dream (Blog Post #10)

“To accomplish big things, I am convinced you must first dream big things.” – Conrad Hilton

Choosing an academic major is hard. As a high school senior you may think you have it all figured out, but take it from me, a college junior who has switched her major three separate times, it’s not as easy as it looks. When I finally decided business is what I wanted to stick with, I wanted to further narrow it down. And that’s when I discovered hospitality. I love people, working with people and for people, so choosing this field of study was a no-brainer. But I understand, it’s not for everyone. Maybe you really don’t like working with guests or have no interest in many of the career paths that hospitality can take. Regardless of how you decide to pursue it, hospitality will be present in your everyday life, both personally and professionally. You will need to understand and exhibit, “hospitable [and] friendly treatment reception, or disposition” in any position you take (Merriam-Webster). Choose to study hospitality now and be more valuable to any (and every) employer in the future.

CEO of Customer Innovations, Frank Capek, wrote an article discussing the importance of hospitality to any industry. He explains that “It’s natural to think about hospitality if you’re in the hospitality business. However, it’s not hard to see that creating a hospitality experience can apply to just about any business.” He goes on to discuss how rare true hospitality is, and even quotes famous restauranteur Danny Meyer’s philosophy that it’s all about “who you hire and how you manage them” (Capek). Entering the workforce with strong skills and knowledge in hospitality, regardless of your chosen occupation, gives you the upper-hand over other applicants.

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Having studied the morals and ethics behind hospitality, you will be able to understand people (customers, colleagues, superiors) beyond that of others as you will truly know the concept of “treating others how you would like to be treated.” You will appear “caring, trusting, and invested” and your work will prove to be impressive as you always go “above and beyond what is expected” (Henry, Relate). Studying hospitality will not only make you successful in the work world, but in every aspect of your life. Don’t settle for a major that gives you some things, strive for hospitality, it gives you everything.

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