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“That boy is your company. And if he wants to eat up that tablecloth, you let him, you hear?” – Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird

We are all familiar with hospitality, and we can all picture a time we’ve experienced it in our lives. Maybe for you, it’s cleaning your room because company is coming over. Or maybe it’s the voice of your mother asking (even though she already knows) if you offered your friends something to drink. But what you might have never imagined is hospitality as a career.

I created this blog for students like you- those who have no idea what their future holds, and even those who have it all figured out. I want to introduce you to a career path that is as unique and ever-changing as each of you. The hospitality industry has a place for all types of people with various areas of interest, and I’m here to show you what it looks like outside of your kitchen table. Just a few of the topics you can expect to read about are various career options, travel opportunities, job advancement, and of course, money, money, money.

And as for me, I’m a student just like you who had no idea what I wanted for my future until I found hospitality. So, if you’re searching for your passion in life, or even if you think you’ve found it, come learn about the endless opportunities this field has to offer. Join me on this journey and start building your career in hospitality now.

Melissa Pisciotta

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